Sunday, November 15, 2015

And it has begun!!! (Almost. Site construction first.)

I caved. I spend my mornings with coffee browsing the feeds of various things "nail polish" and find all things colorful and sparkly. Friends and family feign moderate interest in the picture-heavy "look at what I saw TODAY!" shares, to which they reply "you should start a blog." My ever-growing pile of undergrad homework and reading say "you really shouldn't," but then my somewhat obtuse collection of glorious, majestic, artistic, flamboyant, and all things random nail polish says " probably should." Or as my mother told me recently, "You have friends, but you should probably save some this stuff for your nail polish friends." I hear ya,'ve only got so many "oohs and ahhs" left in you.

Thus Maniacal Manicures has been born! Besides, who doesn't love enthusiastic laughing? Posts shall appear initially at random intervals as I develop the site and get a feel for a schedule. Keep your eyes posted! For there will be visual stimuli abound!

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