Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spontaneous Early Post! (With some actual content!)

Alright, please bear with me! I'm still getting the details of the site construction taken care of and behind the scenes it is going beautifully! But of course in front of the emerald curtain there appears a substantial lack of magic.

Call it it procrastination...but I want to ensure that before I post any main pages (such as the FAQ page and Work With Me page) that I have everything in order. That means all references have appropriate links and that I have the blessings of a few bloggers whose own pages I've asked to use as guides for creating my own. Too many years at university makes you terrified of accidental plagiarism or copyright infringement (citation, citation, citation...).

So forgive the questionable photo quality! I was utilizing my cell phone to capture my Halloween manicure before it suffered any more chips and I was desperate to capture the few moments of sunlight we had around Halloween during a whole week of grey, windy, overcast days. I'm posting this because: (1) I loved the manicure, (2) it was the only halfway decent pair of photos I had of said manicure, and (3) because until I can get more substantive content posted it is something to share that regardless of picture quality brought me a lot of joy. The latter point reinforced by the fact that I didn't want you to fear that this blog would be post-wise a one-hit-wonder. Yes, the blog is in motion--slow motion, but motion nonetheless!

I applied one coat of  Zoya Naked Manicure "Naked Base" as my basecoat, followed by one coat of China Glaze "Cranberry Splash." I then applied one coat of Seche Vite, which is critical for the following step. Next I applied one medium coat of OPI "Spotted" and used the brush to help any bald spots as the polish retracted. The reason you need to apply a topcoat before applying OPI "Spotted" is that it allows for less resistance for the polish to retract across the surface of the nail, allowing for more of the base color to show through. I will do another post in future showing a comparison. Once the "Spotted" layer was thoroughly dry, I applied Zoya "18K" and had to use some patting of the brush against the nail for glitter placement. "18K" requires some fishing to get the glitters, but lies perfectly against the nail without any curling. I topped it all of with another coat of Seche Vite, and voila!

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