Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Promise I Haven't Disappeared Forever!

Hello All!

I apologize for the mysterious disappearance of moi. It was not intentional (is it ever...?)! I had a backlog of content that I was working on, but the holidays were hectic (some of it good, I swear) and then the new quarter at university started. I'm one of those passionate people who plans on thrusting myself into graduate school so in the meantime I am working on two majors and a minor; this quarter alone I have nine required books not including all the article PDFs. As I'm technically in my senior year of my bachelor degrees (two of them, I never would have guessed), I sometimes am not the most efficient with time management for things and what free time I do have sometimes gets consumed by Netflix, audiobooks (I'm looking at you, Audible app, on my phone), and a lot of emotional baking (no one is sick of my cinnamon rolls or almond poppy seed muffins...yet...).

There will be content coming within the next week! I'm not only dealing with approaching final projects and well...finals...but I'm also trying to restrain my excitement at my mom being in town for a short bit in less than two weeks. Mom lives out of state so I only get to see here about twice a year. Excitement also includes the irrational urge to CLEAN EVERYTHING so that the house looks like I know how to be a responsible adult all of the time and not merely some of the time, even though Mom really couldn't care less. But I care! Also because it gives me an excuse to vacuum up more of the doggy's tumble-fuzz...

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