Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Butter London & KBShimmer Nail Art

Disclosure: These products were purchased by me. I am not being compensated for any content included in this post.

Hello all, it's been awhile!

I apologize for the crazy absence. Life has been hectic for a number of reasons related to my academia and frustrations with administrative operations. So for now posts are going to be a bit unpredictable but I thought I'd try and share with you a few tidbits here and there. I've been doing nail art and swatching periodically, but I hadn't created any posts (*coughs*). If anyone is interested in my random, but more consistent, nail polish/baking/doggie images I encourage you to check out my Instagram (@Maniacal_Manicures).

The following is Butter London "All Hail The Queen" as a base in two coats. I wasn't sure how this was going to look on my olive complexion, but I was pleasantly surprised. I expected the micro holographic glitter to be more pronounced, but it wasn't. Admittedly I was a bit disappointed, but I still like the polish. Over this I stamped KBShimmer "Eclipse" using hēhē™ Stamping Plates "Fairy Tale - 005." For the ring ringer I used my UberChic Beauty Mat to create a swatch of KBShimmer "Eclipse" and topped it with a coat of Butter London "Brass Goggles." When it was dry I peeled it off the silicone mat and cut the swatch into triangles, one of which I applied to the ring finger with topcoat.  I topped it all off with my favorite topcoat SuperChic Lacquer "Marvel Topcoat." Looking back I wish I'd applied some kind of stud or other small detail to the ring finger to give it that little bit of extra "umph," but alas. I still enjoyed this manicure and it reminded me of the 1930's nylons/stockings that had the dark seam going down the back of the leg--that and contemporary leggings.

The photo was taking outside in natural daylight.

I purchased my Creative Shop Stamper from Color4Nails.com.
UberChic Beauty can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and their Website.
hēhē™ Stamping Plates can be purchased directly from their Website.
Butter London can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and their Website.
KBShimmer can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and their Website.

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