Friday, August 12, 2016

ILNP: Juliette

Disclosure: These products were purchased by me. I am not being compensated for any content included in this post.

Happy Friday, friends!

Today I have for you couple swatches of ILNP "Juliette" for your casual visual gratification. I actually took these images back during winter, but I'm catching up! 

I wasn't expecting to adore this polish as much as I do, but the shade is more flattering than anticipated. I love rose gold polishes, but many lean more pink which doesn't always fare well with my olive complexion. But "Juliette" is balanced between rosy and coppery, making it flattering for all skin tones. It is so unbelievably reflective. The subtle holographic sparkle when sunlight hits is perfect without being overpowering. ILNP always hits it out of the park with their incredible polishes, and this one is sure to be a classic of theirs.

The formula is superb and applies fully opaque in two easy coats. The flakes lie relatively flat so only one coat of topcoat is really needed. The polish base is strong enough that I didn't experience any chipping for five days, though by day three I had the usual minor edge wear. I am very impressed with how well this polish held up. The flakes are easy to remove with polish remover, though they tend to stick to the skin. But this comes off easily after a good hand wash.

Under light that imitates sunlight, bringing out some of the holographic sparkle.

Ambient light from fireplace, showing off the natural reflective goodness.

And a little live action!
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