Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nail Art: Bow Polish: Ritual

Disclosure: These products were purchased by me. I am not being compensated for any content included in this post.

It is Tuesday, mes amies!

I have a simple nail art post for you today that essentially incorporates a swatch of Bow Polish "Ritual." Bow Polish is a line by Dance Legend and their magnetic polishes are effective and opaque. For the color depth you'll want to apply one coat of the polish on each finger, letting it dry. When applying the second coat, work one finger at a time. This is important because the polish dries quickly and you need time to pick up your magnet to hold over the polish for the magic to happen. To intensify the design's effect, hold the magnet again over the polish after you have just applied topcoat. For a more dramatic color shift, but less color, apply one coat of the polish over a black base one finger at a time and use the magnet as suggested above. I'm holding my Nail Butter "Lemongrass" below, but I hadn't used it for a couple weeks because I had run out. I adore Nail Butter and recommend it without reservation. When I have it on hand, my cuticles are in the best shape.

For the nail art below I applied one coat of Zoya "Naked Base" as my base coat, followed by two coats of Bow Polish "Ritual." I used my Bow Polish "Cat Eye Magnet," but struggled a bit because I have wide, deep, and very curved nail beds in addition to some length, thus there was difficulty getting consistent effect. I had to redo a couple nails by applying a third coat of "Ritual" and doing the magnet process again. A longer magnet would have helped, but for those with short and/or narrow nails should have little issue. I used the same magnet with two other Bow Polishes on two friends and had no issue for this very reason. The polish itself applies beautifully and smoothly, the formula not too thick or too thin, and is easy to manipulate.

When dry, I applied a double stamp of MoYou London stamping plate "Festive 26" using KBShimmer "Eclipse" and KBShimmer "Diamond" with my new favorite stamper from Whats Up Nails, the "Jumbo Clear Jelly Stamper & Scraper (Transparent with Cap)." You can see my review of it here I applied my favorite SuperChic Lacquer "Liquid Marvel Topcoat" but did not intensify the effect following topcoat, leaving it as is.

Bow Polish by Dance Legend can be found on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and their Website, as well as many international stocklists.
KBShimmer can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and their Website.
MoYou London can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTube, and their Website, as well as many international stocklists.
Nail Butter can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and their Website.
SuperChic Lacquer can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeEtsy, and their Website.
Whats Up Nails can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTube, and their Website.
Zoya can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and their Website.

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