Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sloppy Swatch Saturday: Swatch & Nail Art: Femme Fatale & Zoya

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Welcome to Sloppy Swatch Saturday! Sloppy Swatch Saturday is where I share random swatches and/or nail art, particularly ones I declare "duds." These "duds" are more about experiments gone awry.

Random nail art today! I saw Femme Fatale "The Northern Witch" on Valesha's blog and fell in love! I am a total sucker for grays! But alas, with my complexion this particular gray was an awkward first date... I thought it would lean more cool gray with gold flecks (how badly I want one!) But in fact it is a taupe-y lavender sneeze that while beautiful, casts me a bit sallow (olive complexion here).

The formula is good and self-levels well. Two coats are necessary for full opacity. The flakes/glitter creates a little bit of texture so a second coat of topcoat may be needed for absolute smoothness. It has a warm tone with shimmer, making it a cozy neutral. It also happens to be a near-perfect dupe of Zoya "Marella" from the NYFW Zang Toi Fall 2015 Trio which I compare here. However "Marella" leans slightly more taupe, and lacks the larger flakies that "The Northern Witch" has. But on the nail, they look the same in tone. I experienced the same complexion-clash with "Marella" as I did "The Northern Witch" (go figure...) and as much as I love color, this may be a breed I have to be wary of for my complexion. I attempted to use Zoya "Marella" as a stamping polish, but it was too thin.

Indoor Artificial Light

Indoor with Flash: Shows the underlying dupe coloring

"Marella" looking more golden here than in person.

I found the polish to look a bit flat, so I'd definitely spring for a topcoat (don't we always 99% of the time?). I ventured to stamp over "The Northern Witch" with Zoya "Amal" (works beautifully!) using my Creative Shop Stamper with hēhē™ Plus Stamping Plate "Fairy Tale - 001" (love these plates!). I attempted freehand bits: Zoya "Raven" for the black, Zoya "Goldie" for the warm sheer gold, and Zoya "Kerry" for the gold foil. I should have stopped after the nail stamp, but I was experimenting. I can't say I love the final result, but there are elements I like. Besides! An artist needs some awkward pieces to practice! After all, not every day is an awesome hair day... I topped it all off with a single coat of my favorite topcoat, SuperChic Lacquer "Marvel Liquid Macro Topcoat" (no shrinkage and dries fast).

Attempted some nail stamping with Zoya "Kalista."

I purchased my Creative Shop Stamper from
hēhē™ Stamping Plates can be purchased directly from their Website.
Femme Fatale can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and their Website, as well as many international stocklists.
Zoya can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and their Website.
SuperChic Lacquer can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Etsy, and their Website.

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