Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Zoya "Luna"

Hello lovelies!

Today I have for you a simple swatch of Zoya "Luna." I am not sure if this color has been discontinued, but I hope not. Anyone who knows me well knows I love silvers and grays. The sparkle of "Luna" is subtle, but bright. I always find myself unexpectedly sighing with pleasure whenever I wear "Luna." It is a refreshing color, not too bright but not to dark, with the sparkle adding depth. I find I under-appreciate this polish because it isn't flashy in the bottle and isn't as bold as some of my weak-at-the-knees shades. Yet "Luna" never disappoints! I swear, it's like looking a pond of silvery caviar.

Zoya "Luna" with gloss topcoat.

"Luna" is 2-3 to full opacity depending on your application. For my swatches I did three thin coats, topped with one coat of SuperChic Lacquer "Marvel Liquid Macro Topcoat." For the matte images I applied one coat of Butter London "Matte Finish Topcoat" over the gloss topcoat (my personal preference for application). The first coat of "Luna" applies well, but is difficult to get the glitters well positioned. Have no fear, however! The second coat makes for better dispersal because the glitter grabs well to both the base and the glitters of the previous coat. I applied a third coat for opacity. I find that because of the way the glitter lays, it only takes one layer of topcoat for a smooth finish. The glitters lay relatively flat, so there minimal texture, which I love. It totally reminds me of a Christmas ornament. I have used half of my bottle of "Luna" already and am trying to resist the impulse to buy a backup just yet. But "Luna" is definitely on my restock list!

Zoya "Luna" with matte topcoat.

Zoya "Luna" with matte topcoat.

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