Sunday, March 18, 2018

And We're Back!

Good Morning Folx, Foxen, and Fruffles! We can make up some words today, with thanks to Jenny Lawson for "foxen."

So I have this habit of being all "I'm going to get so much done and share all this polish magic!" followed by procrastination coupled with prioritizing college, life, and consuming large amounts of documentaries-in-the-background-thank-you-very-much-Netflix productive activity while I paint nails and not bother to photograph them...

Instead of lots of "I'll do better!" I propose an at-minimum bimonthly schedule of content appearing. First, there is a much-needed overhaul of the Nail Polish Dictionary. Second, I need to get my butt over to a store to buy myself a few lamps to set up my own lighting. Our new apartment is more friendly to hibernation than illumination compensation is required. Lastly, I need to get my desktop computer fixed. It's a long story, involving all boring bits, followed by procrastination *cough* time consumed that demonstrate my periodically, less-than-efficient problem-solving skills (best computer voice: "See 'Mental Health' heading 'Avoidance Behavior'"). So my laptop/tablet/phone are involved prior to the desktop computer getting fixed.

Pardon any content that may not always be on par with existing content (like, snapshots taken in low-light with terrible white balance), because some days my nails have bad selfies even when they have fabulous hair days! Also because sometimes I'm in the kitchen and I'm in love with my manicure, taking bleh photos with my phone, then BOOM! my manicure runs full-throttle into the fridge handle or I sneeze and suddenly all that's left is a series of bleh photos to celebrate art that I spent too much time bothering with but not enough time photographing properly. The laziness is real, ya'll.

So without further ado, hello and welcome back! Also, keep an eye on the Nail Polish Dictionary in the coming week!

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